Electric vehicles for various industries

ARI Motors offers electric utility vehicles as an industry solution for craftsmen, couriers and service providers of all kinds. For example, manoeuvrable cargo mopeds for campsite operators and parcel services or practical electric light vans with different body variants for facility managers, bakeries or cemetery maintenance. ARI Motors electric vehicles are also suitable as municipal vehicles or catering vehicles. Whether as a pickup, tipper, cooling van or with a box body: ARI vehicles are available in various sizes and with many useful accessories.

For bakeries and confectionaries

ARI 458 Bäckerei Hafendörfer

With a total revenue of 14.45 million euros in 2020, the bakery trade is one of the most important economic sectors in Germany. An average German household consumes a total of 62.5 kg of bread and baked goods per year! No wonder that the 10,181 master bakers and around 275,000 employees in the bakery trade have their hands full. Bakers adapt to the wishes of modern customers: Fresh, regional, organic. New concepts such as front baking, bakery catering and the sale of coffee and snacks complement the traditional bakery trade and bring the special quality of its baked goods to its customers. In order to make work easier for bakeries in the long term, ARI Motors offers inexpensive and individually adaptable electric bakery vehicles with different body variants and sizes. The Hafendörfer bakery uses an ARI 458 XL to effortlessly and climate-friendly deliver their baked goods in the narrow inner city of Stuttgart (Germany).

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For campsides and holiday resorts

A lot of people who like things minimalist and close to nature like to spend their holidays on a campsite. Whether it's a very simple one, consisting of just a nice big meadow and a few tents, or a large comfort campsite with a supermarket, restaurants and a swimming pool: the whole area has to be maintained! Dedicated campsite operators take care of the green refuge, so that people on vacation can camp in a relaxed manner and not take down their tents too soon. They maintain the facilities, keep the lawn short and the guests in the best of spirits. This works particularly well and sustainably with ARI Motors electric vehicles for campsites and holiday resorts. Incidentally, one of them is already at work at the “Van der Valk Resort” on the Baltic Sea.

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ARI 458 Hotel Koffer Offen Van Der Falk.jpg

For catering and food transport


Caterers are like the mobile wing of gastronomy. While restaurant owners offer their food and drinks at a fixed location, caterers are constantly on the move. They cook for and deliver food to all those who don't want or can't cater for themselves. For example, concert goers or football fans who want a bite to eat during the break. But also schoolchildren, students, residents of old people's homes and hospital patients can also rely on a delicious menu being conjured up for them and brought to them by the catering service. Meals on wheels often even come straight to your home - a great relief for a lot of people! Every day, caterers ensure that a small hunger doesn't turn into a big stomach rumbling. To ensure that your snacks and menus always arrive fresh and tasty, there are electric refrigerated catering vehicles from ARI Motors. The “Tafel in Drensteinfurt e.V.” uses its ARI 458 Cooling Van with a refrigerated box body, for example, to deliver donated groceries to people in need.

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For cemetery maintenance

A well-kept and lovingly planted grave is an important place for many mourners. They return regularly to commemorate the deceased. However, not all relatives can take care of the grave themselves. In this case, cemetery gardeners and grave keepers take on this task. They plant the graves according to the season, water the grave plants and pull the weeds. They also ensure that the grounds of the cemetery are well maintained. They cut hedges, mow the lawn and till the soil. For this they not only need a green thumb and creativity, but also lots of garden tools and technical equipment. The electric cemetery vehicles from ARI Motors offer plenty of space and are also very quiet. In this way, cemetery gardeners can make their work easier without disturbing the peacefulness of the cemetery with loud engine noise. Such a quiet gardener companion, an ARI 458 Pickup, is already on the road for the “Wockertal” company at the Parchim cemetery.

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ARI 458 Pritsche L Parchim

For gardening and landscaping

ARI 345 Pritsche mit Laubgitter in Samtgemeinde Fürstenau

With a total turnover of 9.38 billion Euro in Germany (2020), the gardening and landscaping industry is showing a positive trend. This shows that public and private green spaces are increasingly valued. This is also reflected in an increase in the number of companies. The 18,696 companies in Germany, mostly small to medium-sized companies, employ 126,354 people, including 7,458 trainee gardeners. But gardening and landscaping is of course popular all over the world. Gardeners take care of the construction, redesign and maintenance of private and public green and open spaces. For example, they create new house gardens, plant green spaces in industrial and commercial areas, maintain park areas and trees or create ponds. Machine and media technology are used as well as plants, substrates and building materials. The electric gardening and landscaping vehicles by ARI Motors offer plenty of storage space for equipment, sand, gravel or crushed stone and are available in different sizes and with different body structures. In the joint municipality of Fürstenau, a cargo trike ARI 345 Pickup is already on the road as a mobile helper in the Bürgerpark.

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For maintenance and facility management

Janitors and facility managers are the unsung heroes of every apartment building or company premises. They clean the stairwell, maintain the green areas and make sure that the garbage cans are outside on time. Many of them also take on smaller pick-up and delivery services, monitor parking spaces and do winter service. Last but not least, they are an important contact for all questions around the house. When a light bulb is broken - they take care of it. The electric vehicles for maintenance and facility management by ARI Motors are ideal companions for these service providers and make their work easier in the long term. The building cleaning company WERNER COMPANIES therefore no longer wants to do without its ARI 458 Box.

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For municipalities and communities

ARI 458 Kipper Laubgitter Stadtwerke Demmin

In communities and municipalities, the public sector is responsible for many tasks. In winter, the shovel and gritting service clears paths and roads and sprinkles smooth surfaces with salt or sand. In the fall, lots of leaves have to be removed, and thirsty street trees have to be watered as the summers get hotter. In addition, there are daily street cleaning and garbage collection tasks as well as work on the electricity and sewerage networks. Last but not least, there are always new projects in urban and landscaping and a constant need for public transport. The electric municipal vehicles by ARI Motors are well suited for all these purposes. With different body structures, they can be adapted to different areas of application and can therefore be used all year round. The municipal utility company in Demmin is already using the environmentally friendly ARI Motors vehicle and has been met with a lot of approval from the citizens of their community.

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For craftsmen and painters

Nothing would work without them! Whether it's building a house, building a table or painting the walls: craftsmen from 130 different professions ensure that public life works and private well-being is ensured. With individual products and services, you offer solutions to everyday problems and thus represent an important economic and social group. Millions of people use their services every day! It doesn't matter which specialty: whether construction and interior design, metal and electronics, wood and plastic, clothing and textiles or food - craftsmen get down to business and usually have a lot of tools and materials in use. Whether brushes, paints, varnish, hammers, nails, screws, pipes or painters' ladders: the electric painters' and craftsmen's vehicles from ARI Motors offer space for everything that needs to be taken along. The employees of the painting company Schwender are also convinced of this. With their ARI 458 Pickup, they can now master their tasks even more sustainably.

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For parcel delivery and


People are eager to ship parcels and order online! And they are getting more and more eager. In 2020, almost 3.6 million more parcels were sent than in the previous year in Germany alone. Thousands of parcel deliverers work every day to ensure that the flood of parcels is channelled in an orderly manner and that everyone receives the right package at the right time. No staircase is too steep for them, no parking space too far away and no parking space too narrow! Parcel and courier service providers do their best every day to deliver letters, packages and parcels on time and undamaged. ARI Motors offers special electric parcel and mail delivery vehicles for courier services so that you can stow all shipments well sorted and deliver them sustainably. The courier service Debex from Potsdam has already tried it and is very happy with it.

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For chimney sweepers

Hardly any craftsman is greeted as happily as the chimney sweep in his black costume. The belief that the soot-covered craftsman brings good luck persists to this day. Even in the Middle Ages people knew how important the work of the black journeyman is. Once the chimney was swept, you could cook and heat with peace of mind. Very fortunate indeed, considering that most houses at the time were built of wood and could easily catch fire. Even today, chimney sweeps reliably ensure operational and fire safety. They check and clean the flue gas systems, remove foreign bodies and measure the carbon monoxide content in the installation room. This is how you save us from fires and dangerous carbon monoxide poisoning. Reason enough for ARI Motors to support you with affordable and customizable electric chimney sweep vehicles! In any case, chimney sweep Mörs-Sauskojus would not want to be without his charmer, the ARI 458 with a box body.

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Schornsteinfeger ARI 458 Koffer