ARI 458 electric transporter with suitcase at Collé Vermietung und Verkauf GmbH

November 25, 2021

ARI 458 electric transporter with suitcase at Collé Vermietung und Verkauf GmbH

The large rental and sales service for machines and equipment "Collé" has ordered no less than eight vehicles of our ARI 458 series from us. The 120-year-old company - which hires out machinery and equipment for construction, industry, excavation and earthworks, cleaning, gardening, landscaping and events - has opted for eight ARI 458 Koffer vehicles. These will be sublet to companies that need a practical transporter for a certain period of time.

"Collé" has acquired two to three vehicles of each of the three box sizes of the ARI 458 (S, L and XL), which are used for a certain time in the automotive and aircraft industries, among others. Here they are used, for example, by tradesmen who are on the move in the factory halls and need a small yet spacious transporter. All eight vehicles are equipped with an optional side door in the box, which further facilitates loading and unloading.

"Collé" has 15 branches where a total of around 13,000 pieces of equipment, machines and vehicles such as our ARI 458 electric transporters can be rented. Depending on your needs, this can be done as daily, monthly or annual rentals. Thus, our ARI 458 electric transporters with box bodies are particularly suitable for suppliers, craftsmen or maintenance companies, but also cleaning companies and landscape businesses. With a load volume of 1.5 m³ (box) up to 2.9 m³ (XL box) and a payload of 531 kilograms, a body variant is available for every transport requirement.

Our ARI 458 electric transporters also fit perfectly with the company's environmentally conscious slogan: "Electric is the future". Thus, the company follows the same as ARI Motors with the concept "Powerful, quiet and CO²-neutral". We, too, want to combine the advantages of environmentally conscious electric mobility with the usual performance of commercial vehicles and have gained an important and successful partner in "Collé", which appreciates the advantages of our ARI 458 electric small transporters.

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