ARI 458 Tipper L with lattice box in action on the sunny island of Fehmarn


The possible combinations of the vehicle bodies of ARI Motors electric vehicles are numerous. A good example of this has recently been on the road on the “sunny island” of Fehmarn: An ARI 458 with a tipper loading area and a lattice box installed on it is now in the service of the Fehmarn Tourist Service. The vehicle takes care of the promenade maintenance on the beaches of Germany's third largest island and travels around 100 kilometers per week at the Burgtiefe marina.

According to harbormaster Ralph Becker, only an electric vehicle was considered for the task from the start. The ARI 458 then prevailed against its competitors thanks to its price / performance ratio and vehicle size. The loading area is 1.55 meters long by 1.25 meters wide and is equipped with a lattice box, which makes the transport of new and old plant material much easier. And all the necessary work equipment can also be easily stowed away. The vehicle is also equipped with air conditioning for hot summer days and winter tires for the cold half of the year.

The ARI 458 Tipper L is very popular with employees and guests on the island. According to Becker, the little ARI attracts attention. And thanks to its electric drive, the electric transporter does its job without noise and without emissions. A very good quality, especially in such a beautiful piece of earth as Fehmarn.



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