Are Solar Panels Available For The ARI Electric Transport Vehicle?


Yes. Every ARI Motors electric transport vehicle with a box body can be equipped with 300 watt solar panels. The solar panels will be installed on the roof of the box body and provide (during sunshine) the battery directly with solar-powered electricity. This works while driving as well as while standing.

ARI 458 Kofferaufbau mit SolarpanelARI 458 Kofferaufbau mit Solarpanel

Via the solar panels the range can be extended up to 30 km during strong sunlight. Therefor, the driver always has a “spare can” that supports the vehicle with energy. Consequently, if the daily driving route is not longer than 20 to 30 km (12 to 19 mi.), the ARI 458 electric transport vehicle can be driven with solar energy for free. If the route is longer, the solar panels are a permanent support and can compensate for example the use of the optional air conditioning and thereby keeping a steady range.