ARI 458 Box as delivery vehicle at paper “Volksstimme Magdeburg”

March 3, 2022

ARI 458 Box as delivery vehicle at paper “Volksstimme Magdeburg”

The delivery of parcels and letters, but also newspapers, is increasingly being carried out with electric vehicles. With the "Magdeburger Volksstimme", the largest newspaper in Saxony-Anhalt is also increasingly focusing on electromobility and has therefore purchased an ARI 458 Box for the delivery of its products. According to logistics manager Torsten Kniep, the umbrella brand "Mediengruppe Magdeburg" is constantly looking for alternatives to deliver its products to customers in an ecological and economical way. In addition to the paper "Volksstimme Magdeburg", the products also include the parcel and letter delivery service of the "biber post".

In the version used, the box of the ARI 458 is 1.31 metres long, 1.16 metres wide and 95 centimetres high and can therefore hold almost 1,500 litres of cargo. And thanks to the payload of 530 kilograms, it can hold a lot of newspapers and packages. And so the electric transporter supports the fleet of 19 electric vehicles, which range from 2- and 3-wheel electric cargo bikes to larger electric commercial vehicles such as the German postal vehicle Streetscooter. The ARI 458 Box covers a distance of 20 to 100 kilometres per day and only gets positive reactions. According to Mr. Kniep, customers find the vehicle stylish, quiet and manoeuvrable.

We get an interesting answer to the question of whether the ARI 458 has a nickname. Yes, it does, namely: "Papamobil". It sounds familiar to us. That's right, that's also the name of the ARI 458 Pickup from Mr. Fliri from South Tyrol in Italy. A nice coincidence that makes us think about renaming the vehicle. Until then, you can configure and purchase the electric transporter from us under its usual name:

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