From 2025: Electric vehicles will soon be cheaper than cars with combustion engines

With its low prices, ARI Motors is an exception in electromobility, because currently electric vehicles are usually significantly more expensive than comparable combustion models. According to a study by Bloomberg New Energy Finance on behalf of Transport & Environment, this will change in the next few years. In the years 2025 to 2027, the prices of e-vehicles are expected to catch up with those of combustion engines. After that, other electric vehicles will also be cheaper on average than petrol and diesel models.

ARI 458 Elektrotransporter Als Lieferfahrzeug Bei Fleischerei Pape

The ARI 458 Box as delivery vehicle at butcher “Pape” in Mirow (Germany)

For some months now, an ARI 458 electric transport vehicle with box body is used by the butcher shop “Gunnar Pape” in 17252 Mirow (Germany) to deliver goods from one location to another. The main usage, however, is to provide customers with fresh and warm food on a daily basis.

ARI 458 Kofferaufbau im Einsatz bei Bayer AG

ARI 458 Box in use at the Bayer AG in 65926 Frankfurt am Main

In daily use, the ARI 458 electric transporter at Bayer AG is mainly used for internal traffic in the Industriepark Hoechst, one of the largest chemical and pharmaceutical locations in Europe. The vehicle is used to complete daily mail and courier journeys electrically.

Ist der Akku Im Fahrzeugpreis Inbegriffen

Is The Battery Included In The Price Of The Vehicle?

Yes, with ARI Motors vehicles the battery is sold together with the vehicle. There is no separate battery rental or battery leasing. There are no additional costs beyond the purchase price.

Wie Lange Ist Die Garantie Auf Akku und Fahrzeug

How Long Is The Duration Of The Guarantee For The Battery And Vehicle?

The lead gel battery comes with a guarantee of 6 months while the LiFePO4-ion version has a guarantee of 4 years or 60.000 km respectively. Regarding the vehicle, there is a guarantee of 6 months and a subsequent warranty of further 18 months.

Wie Lange Braucht Das Fahrzeug Zum Aufladen

How Long Does It Take For The Vehicle To Be Fully Charged?

Depending on how empty the battery was, it takes about 6-8 hours to charge the electric transporter ARI 458 and the [ARI passenger vehicles] (/en/electric-cars) as well as about 6-8 hours at a normal 230 volt household socket. With the LiFePO4 battery, a quick charging function is also available for these vehicles, which significantly shortens the charging time.

ARI 901 Ladekabel

How Do I Charge The ARI Electric Vehicle?

You can easily charge your ARI Motors electric vehicle using a standard 230V household socket with 16A. There is no need for a separate wallbox or charging station. Your existing external socket is completely sufficient and does not have to be secured again.

Wieviele Kilometer Schaffe Ich Mit Einer Akkuladung

What Is The Range Of The Vehicles With A Charged Battery?

Depending on the way of driving, the vehicle can reach approximately 120 km (75 mi.) with the lead gel battery and up to 495 km (308 mi.) with the LiFePO4-battery. We are examining the ranges on a regular basis with electrical as well as cargo loads in warm and cold temperatures.

ARI Motors Fehmarn

ARI 458 Tipper L with lattice box in action on the sunny island of Fehmarn

The possible combinations of the vehicle bodies of ARI Motors electric vehicles are numerous. A good example of this has recently been on the road on the “sunny island” of Fehmarn. An ARI 458 with a tipper loading area and a lattice box installed on is now in the service of the Fehmarn Tourist Service.

Artikel Rekuperation

Do ARI Motors electric vehicles have recuperation?

Yes, the ARI Motors electric vehicles have energy recovery while driving. However, a fundamental distinction must be made between the general recuperation of every electric motor and the recuperation brake in some electric vehicles. Because recuperation is often understood to mean the recuperation brake.



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