ARI 458 Box XL as an electric bakery vehicle at the "Bäckerei Hafendörfer" in Stuttgart (Germany)

March 1, 2022

ARI 458 Box XL as an electric bakery vehicle at the "Bäckerei Hafendörfer" in Stuttgart (Germany)

The bakery "Bäckerei Hafendörfer" in Stuttgart shows that tradition and progress are by no means mutually exclusive. The family business, which has been in business for over 120 years, has opted for an ARI 458 Box XL with a roller door in the box body as the electric bakery vehicle. In this way, the daily baked goods and confectionery goods can be transported from the bakery to the company's five stores in Stuttgart or directly to the customer.

The brothers Falk and Dirk Hafendörfer chose the manoeuvrable ARI 458 Box XL to be able to make deliveries in the narrow streets of downtown Stuttgart without any problems. The box body is 1.64 meters long, 1.30 meters wide and 1.30 meters high. Consequently, a loading volume of up to 2.8 m³ is possible and a lot of rolls and cakes fit in the ARI. Thanks to the side roller doors in the box body, loading and unloading is quick and easy, so that the goods always arrive fresh at their destination.

The ARI 458 Box XL replaces a Piaggio Porter and is already the fourth electric vehicle of the family business. Two street scooters named (roughly translated) “Particle Accelerator” and “Racing Bun” are available for large deliveries. The versatile and practical ARI 458 light electric van was given the name "Krümmelchen", a diminutive of the German word for “crumble”. According to owner Falk Hafendörfer, the vehicles particularly popular with children. And so "Krümmelchen" travels around 30 kilometres a day in the narrow inner-city streets of Stuttgart to distribute freshly baked goods in the city.

Perhaps the cute ARI 458 reminds Herr Hafendörfer of his first car: a 1957 BMW Isetta in vineyard red, which he still owns. In any case, we wish the "Bäckerei Hafendörfer" always a safe journey, happy baking and that the tradition of electromobile progress lives on.