Can I also lease or finance my ARI electric vehicle?

February 15, 2022

Can I also lease or finance my ARI electric vehicle?

If you do not want to pay the full purchase price of your ARI electric vehicle immediately, we can offer you uncomplicated payment alternatives. You have the choice of leasing or financing the perfect vehicle. We cooperate with three partners in different countries.


You will already find a suitable leasing rate on the first offer that you receive from our configurator. The leasing period depends on your ideas (24 months, 36 months, 48 ​​months). The amount of the monthly leasing rates is based on the purchase price.

The advantages of leasing are the following:

  • no deposit required
  • without mileage limit
  • cheap monthly rates
  • low load on the company account
  • securing liquidity
  • continuous reduction of the tax burden by claiming the installments monthly

Prerequisites for effective leasing:

  • careful handling of the vehicle
  • avoiding damage that could lead to depreciation
  • liquidity throughout the leasing period

Purchase or sale of the vehicle after the end of the lease:

After the leasing period has expired, you can purchase the vehicle at the following residual values: 50% residual value after 24 months, 35% residual value after 36 months and 20% residual value after 48 months. The resale to ARI Motors at the corresponding residual values is also possible.


You will receive an individual financing offer from us. Its current conditions are optimally tailored to your financial possibilities.


  • predictable monthly repayment installments
  • acquisition of ownership of the vehicle
  • burden by financing installments only for a certain period of time
  • possible resale
  • can be cancelled under certain conditions
  • minor defects on the vehicle without any problems


Financing is particularly advantageous if you have high liquidity and want to own the vehicle.

Receive a non-binding offer:

If you are interested in one of our ARI electric vehicles, then use our configurator now and immediately receive a non-binding purchase and leasing offer!

More Info:

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