ARI 902: Cute electric mini with lots of loading space from 13,990 EUR

April 25, 2023

ARI 902: Cute electric mini with lots of loading space from 13,990 EUR

Get from A to B quickly, economically and in a climate-friendly way and still take something with you? It's possible: with the new ARI 902 from the Germany-based company ARI Motors! Available in the “Pure”, “Cargo” and “Comfort” versions, the electric speedster starts at 13,990 EUR net and has everything that makes everyday life easier for entrepreneurs.

The smart two-seater accelerates quickly to 90 km/h (56 mph) and brings the driver for 2.99 EUR per 100 km (at an electricity price of 34 ct per kWh) in a relaxed and lively way through city traffic. It does not cause any direct emissions and is very economical with a consumption every 100 km of only 8.8 kWh (urban) or 10.0 kWh (extra-urban).

ARI 902: The electric speedster with lots of loading space and practical (safety) accessories

05 ARI 902 Cargo Elektrofahrzeug für Lieferdienste.jpg05 ARI 902 Cargo Elektrofahrzeug für Lieferdienste.jpg

With a loading volume of 766 l, the spacious trunk offers plenty of storage space for tool cases, care bags or other equipment. The L7e light vehicle with an unladen weight of only 743 kg proves to be a resilient companion for pharmacy delivery services, caterers, couriers, mobile nursing staff, real estate agents and service providers of all kinds. But it is also perfect as a practical errand vehicle for construction yards, garden centers and similar sites.

In addition to the wooden loading floor and lashing eyes, the standard equipment of the ARI 902 Cargo also includes a stable separation grid. This ensures that the load remains safe in the trunk or allows dog owners to easily transport their animals.

A trailer hitch is also in preparation, which will be approved with a towing capacity of 350 kg and a vertical load of 75 kg. A 230V socket with 1.8 kW is also available as an option, thanks to which cordless screwdrivers or other tools can also be charged while driving.

All versions of the ARI 902 also have an anti-lock braking system as standard. The ARI 902 Cargo and the ARI 902 Comfort are also equipped with air conditioning and power steering and thus offer a plus in driving pleasure.

For optimal comfort and safety, the ARI 902 Comfort is also equipped with a trunk blind, fog lights and the passive "Mobileye" driver assistance system with traffic sign recognition including lane departure warning.

ARI 902: The maneuverable mini car for everyone who wants to save time

03 ARI 902 Elektrofahrzeug für Pizza-Lieferdienst.jpg03 ARI 902 Elektrofahrzeug für Pizza-Lieferdienst.jpg

With the new ARI 902, ARI Motors is expanding its range of affordable electric vehicles with an extremely agile mini speedster. With a turning circle of just 7.90 m and extra-compact dimensions of just 2.95 m in length, 1.49 m in width and 1.52 m in height, the light vehicle of the class L7e can be maneuvered effortlessly and without wasting time, even in narrow streets steer into small parking spaces.

Time can also be saved when charging the standard 9.2 kWh lithium-ion battery: If it is docked at a 230 V socket overnight, it has full capacity again after 4-5 hours and can be charged with up to 110 km (68 mi.) range for the daily routes sufficiently equipped.

An optionally available 10.35 kWh battery has a range of up to 140 km (87 mi.). With the help of an 18.1 kWh battery, which is also available as an option, a range of even 200 km (124 mi.) is possible. The vehicle's charging connection is easily accessible directly in the front of the vehicle and enables uncomplicated charging.

07 ARI 902 Typ2-Ladeanschluss.jpg07 ARI 902 Typ2-Ladeanschluss.jpg

Thomas Kuwatsch, co-founder and CFO of ARI Motors, summarizes the advantages of the car as follows:

“The inexpensive ARI 902 combines compact dimensions and a small turning circle with a generous amount of space and economical consumption. This makes it the ideal everyday vehicle for entrepreneurs and service providers who want to get from A to B quickly and efficiently, but don't want to forethis without comfort and storage space."

Color, light & comfort: The ARI 902 as an attractive companion in everyday urban work

04 ARI 902 Comfort für Dienstleister.jpg04 ARI 902 Comfort für Dienstleister.jpg

The modern and functionally designed interior of the ARI 902 is designed to make daily mobility as pleasant as possible. A digital screen behind the steering wheel and a centrally mounted touchscreen display with MP4 player, Bluetooth function, hands-free system and rear view camera ensure comfort and entertainment while driving.

A visual highlight is the glass optional tilting sunroof of the small city electric vehicle, which creates a light and airy feeling of space inside the ARI 902.

The standard color of the ARI 902 included in the price is classic white, which can be combined with the interior colors turquoise or red. The exterior colors fire red, silver gray and light blue are also available for all variants for an additional charge.

Low price, 3 versions, extended guarantee: The ARI 902 as an affordable alternative to expensive electric cars

01 ARI 902 Pure Fahraufnahme.png01 ARI 902 Pure Fahraufnahme.png

The ARI 902 is available immediately with a delivery time of approx. 12 weeks for net prices of 13,990 EUR (ARI 902 Pure), 14,990 EUR (ARI 902 Cargo) and 15,990 EUR (ARI 902 Comfort).

The Pure and Cargo versions come with a statutory 2-year guarantee (or 40.000 km, depending on which arrives first), that can be extended to 4 years or 80.000 km if you wish. The ARI 902 Comfort already comes with a 4-year warranty.

Customers interested in buying can take advantage of various regional subsidies (in Germany, for example, in: Berlin, Regensburg, Munich) or benefit from current measures of state-wide funding.

The ARI 902 complements the product portfolio of ARI Motors with an extremely inexpensive everyday vehicle that is comfortable to drive, smart to transport and easy to save.

Configure your ARI 902 now and start smart!