ARI 458 Box as a parcel delivery vehicle at Debex in Potsdam (Germany)

February 10, 2022

ARI 458 Box as a parcel delivery vehicle at Debex in Potsdam (Germany)

The parcel and mail delivery industry has increasingly relied on electric mobility in recent years. Particularly in urban areas, vehicles like those of ARI Motors offer many advantages, as they do their work without diesel exhaust fumes and noise. The company "Debex Potsdam" has therefore chosen the electric transporter ARI 458 Box to reliably support letter delivery in the urban area of Potsdam and at the same time fulfill the promise of CO2-neutral delivery.

At the end of the 1990s, the company saw the dissolution of the postal monopoly by the national "Deutsche Post" as an opportunity and applied directly for licenses to transport mail items commercially. At that time, older Volkswagens in the classic yellow postal design were used as delivery vehicles. By now, the vehicles of "Debex Potsdam" are red and the company has been successfully transporting mail of all kinds for more than 20 years. The two founders Karsten Knaup and Hans-Joachim Hoffman are still managing directors today and are far from thinking of stopping.

Even the smallest version of the ARI 458 Box has a loading space of 1.32 meters x 1.16 meters x 0.95 meters (LxWxH), making it ideal for delivering mail in any form. For higher transport requirements, the box is available up to a size of 1.64 meters x 1.30 meters x 1.30 meters (LxWxH) as the ARI 458 Box XL. At "Debex Potsdam", it thus forms the interface between muscle-powered delivery by bicycles and the large transporters with combustion engines.

In beautiful Potsdam, the bright red ARI 458 is used primarily to transport the city administration's letters. According to Hans-Joachim Hoffman, the ARI electric transporter covers about 25 kilometers (ca. 16 miles) per day. At night, it goes to the headquarters in the famous Babelsberg district to recharge, so that it can perform its duties quietly and cleanly again the next day.

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