ARI 458 Tipper In Use For Florist “Blumen Pfeifer"


The florist “Blumen Pfeifer” in 33102 Paderborn decided to use the ARI 458 with tipped body, because it perfectly fitted the requirements of the daily operations of the company. The small electric transport vehicle is received well by the team of florists and gardeners surrounding the family Stefan Pfeifer and is also an attraction for their customers.

The smart electric transport vehicle with its tipper body and the small width of 1,30 m is mainly used for grave maintenance and horticulture, thereby using said advantages to master the narrow paths of these environments.

The loading bed of the tipper body has a length of 155 cm and a width of 1,30 m and can take up to 450 kilogram of cargo. Additionally, the vehicle is equipped with the optional trailer hitch for practical use on private grounds. If you want to configure the tipper body if the ARI electric transport vehicle, just use out configurator!



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