The ARI 458 Box as delivery vehicle at butcher “Pape” in Mirow (Germany)


For some months now, an ARI 458 electric transport vehicle with box body is used by the butcher shop “Gunnar Pape” in 17252 Mirow (Germany) to deliver goods from one location to another. The main usage, however, is to provide customers with fresh and warm food on a daily basis.

Additionally, the vehicle is used for catering services, thereby serving the purpose as a delivery vehicle for routes of 60 to 100 kilometers a day. Because of its low power consumption, the costs are only about 2 EUR per 100 kilometer. As a result, it can save around 75% fuel costs in comparison to former vehicles with combustion engines.

With several hundred kilometers of driving distances every week, the ARI 458 electric transport vehicle successfully serves its purpose as a low-maintenance delivery vehicle for meals on wheels.



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