ARI 458 Box as a "charmer" in use by chimney sweep in Oberhausen (Germany)

February 22, 2022

ARI 458 Box as a "charmer" in use by chimney sweep in Oberhausen (Germany)

When the chimney sweep Dirk Mörs-Sauskojus from Oberhausen went looking for an electric vehicle for his company as part of environmental protection management, he was initially put off by the high prices. However, the plan to purchase an electric vehicle for the company could still be fulfilled because Mr. Mörs-Sauskojus discovered the inexpensive and versatile ARI 458 electric light van on the internet.

ARI 458 in use by a chimney sweepARI 458 in use by a chimney sweep

And so, since 2020, an ARI 458 Box has replaced a Citroen Berlingo with a combustion engine on trips to the Oberhausen city area. The ARI 458 Box with the loading dimensions 1.32 meters x 1.16 meters x 0.95 meters (LxWxH) actively supports Mr. Mörs-Sauskojus and his colleagues in ensuring the cleaning and maintenance of chimneys. While there is load space for all the tools and equipment in the box, the ladder is transported on the ladder rack on the roof, which Mr. Mörs-Sauskojus assembled himself. In addition to cleaning and maintenance measures, the company also offers its customers advice on topics such as fire and environmental protection.

The ARI 458 electric transport vehicle is nicknamed “ARI-Ferrari” by the employees and covers around 30 kilometers (17 mi.) a day in the Oberhausen area. He gets a lot of positive reactions from customers and passers-by. Dirk Mörs-Sauskojus calls the electric light van a “charmer”. And so the ARI 458 Box shows another facet of its possible uses. It is said that chimney sweeps bring good luck... in Oberhausen luck now comes electrically.

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