How long is the warranty for my ARI electric vehicle and battery and what does it cover?

February 2, 2022

How long is the warranty for my ARI electric vehicle and battery and what does it cover?

Our ARI electric vehicles are equipped with high-quality components and functional mechanics. Our professional package guarantees you quality according to German and European standards. That is our promise to you!

ARI 458 Pickup with tarpaulinARI 458 Pickup with tarpaulin

Warranty period:

The warranty period for your ARI electric vehicle corresponds to the current statutory provisions and begins on the date of purchase. This is recorded in the handover protocol.

The period of warranty varies from country to country. In the European Union, a warranty of 2 years of the vehicle as well as the battery is standard. The modern LiFePO4 battery, however, comes with a longer warranty period, namely 4 years or 60.000 km, depending on what is reached first.

Scope of warranty claims:

In the event of warranty damage, we will of course take care of the repair of your ARI electric vehicle. To do this, we repair faulty parts or replace them.

Important: Further claims such as withdrawal from the purchase contract, the provision of a replacement vehicle or the payment of damages cannot be derived from this.

Requirements for warranty claims:

In order to be able to assert warranty claims for your ARI electric vehicle, it is necessary that you:

  • have necessary service measures carried out promptly and professionally,
  • comply with prescribed inspection intervals + have it documented
  • that maintenance and service work has been carried out in accordance with ARI Motors regulations.

Special case: Missed or improper maintenance

Even if your ARI electric vehicle has not been (properly) serviced, it is possible to enforce warranty claims. However, only if existing damage to your vehicle is not due to improper or lack of maintenance.


Further information on guarantee and warranty claims can be found in the operating instructions for your ARI electric vehicle. You can download these here.