What safety features do ARI Motors electric vehicles have?

February 21, 2022

What safety features do ARI Motors electric vehicles have?

Security is an important issue for many customers. This article gives you an overview of the safety elements that are featured in the individual electric vehicles by ARI Motors. Because of course the safety of its customers and their passengers is the top priority for ARI Motors.

ARI 145

As an open electric scooter, the three-wheeled cargo moped ARI 145 is of course subject to the helmet requirement, to protect the driver's head in the event of a fall. However, falls with the ARI 145 cargo moped are rare, since the vehicle has three wheels - plus the front wheel and the double-wheeled rear axle are also individually sprung. As a result, the cargo moped not only has a dynamic driving experience, but is also protected from tipping over when driving through curves or on curbs. And the wheel hub electric motors installed in the rear axle create a low centre of gravity, which further reduces the risk of tipping over. The vehicle also has three effective disc brakes, which guarantee a good braking effect in every situation.

ARI 345

In contrast to the open ARI 145 cargo moped, the ARI 345 cargo trike (available with a box body and as pickup) has an open cabin with a stable roof and a 3-point belt. Consequently, the driver is very well protected in the event of tipping over or even a rollover, which is why helmets are not required. At the same time, it is difficult for the ARI 345 cargo trike to tip over, since the rear double-wheel axle and the vehicle body prevent this. In addition, the electric motor mounted directly on the rear axle creates a low centre of gravity.

Like the ARI 145 cargo moped, robust disc brakes on the three wheels ensure a high level of braking power. Furthermore, the vehicle has a windscreen wiper in the front windscreen of the cabin, which ensures a clear view and thus high driving safety even when it rains. No rainy or fogged up helmet visors. The LED driving light also enables good visibility at night or in bad weather. Additionally, the additional daytime running light function ensures that the cargo moped is clearly visible in traffic at all times.

ARI 458 + ARI 802, 252 und 452

Light vehicles of the EU vehicle class L7e must meet special requirements for EU approval. The ARI passenger vehicles and the ARI 458 electric light van easily meet these criteria and offer further advantages in terms of passive safety. Because the basis of the ARI passenger vehicles and the ARI 458 was developed taking into account the NCAP crash test procedures. As a result, the electric vehicles have a high-strength 360-degree steel frame that ensures that the passenger compartment remains intact in the event of a collision or rollover.

Here, too, the motor mounted on the rear axle ensures low gravity and thus a reduced risk of tipping. The front and rear part of the steel ladder frame is also equipped with impact elements, which absorb the impact energy and thus reduce it. Furthermore, softer materials are used in the interior of the vehicles, which reduce the risk of injuries in the event of a collision.

Good all-round visibility is also very important to avoid accidents. Due to the large window areas, the ARI light vehicles always have a good view of the traffic situation around them. The powerful LED driving lights ensure that there is good visibility even at night and in fog and that the vehicle is always clearly visible to other participants. And the comparatively low top speed of 80 km/h means that accidents often only result in body damage.

ARI 901

The large electric transporter ARI 901 has the safety equipment relevant for this vehicle class with an anti-lock braking system (ABS) as well as a driver and a passenger airbag. While the ABS ensures a short braking distance even on slippery roads, the double airbag together with the 3-point seat belts offer ideal occupant protection in the event of a collision. As with the ARI 458, the ARI 901 also has impact elements built into the vehicle frame, which absorb the impact energy and thus reduce the impact on the occupants. And the high seating position and the use of soft materials in the dashboard significantly reduce the risk of injury. The electric motor mounted on the rear axle creates a low centre of gravity and thus safe handling.


With the sum of the safety elements described here, ARI Motors electric vehicles offer a high level of safety in order to protect the driver and passengers as well as possible. ARI Motors GmbH is constantly developing its safety concept in order to always offer a high level of occupant protection in the vehicles. At the same time, your own driving behavior is of course the most effective way to reduce the risk of an accident. It is important to always keep an eye on the road and use the radio's Bluetooth hands-free system for phone calls. A forward-looking and careful driving style is the best way to prevent any type of accident.

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