Two ARI 345 Box L at the “Meeresblick” ("Sea view") restaurant at the Baltic Sea

March 2, 2022

Two ARI 345 Box L at the “Meeresblick” ("Sea view") restaurant at the Baltic Sea

The municipality of Waabs with its district of Klein Waabs is located on the Baltic Sea coast between Flensburg and Kiel. In addition to the 220,000 m² Baltic Sea campsite founded in 1970, the Günther family fulfilled a dream here in 2012 and opened the Greek-style restaurant "Meeresblick" (“Sea view”), which is open from March to October. Since this year, the family business has been supported electrically: in the form of two ARI 345 cargo trikes with a box body.

Two ARI 345 Box LTwo ARI 345 Box L

The two electric vehicles have the box body of size L and thus a loading length of 1.32 meters each. The ARI 345 Box L can be used for errands as well as for deliveries, because the restaurant "Meeresblick '' not only offers food in the house itself, but also delivers directly to the personal pitch of the campsite. In this way, campers can be supplied with food without much effort. At the same time, the electric drive ensures that the vehicle does not bother camping guests with engine noise and exhaust fumes. The cargo moped can then easily be charged overnight at a 230 volt socket, so that the 55 kilometre range is available again the next day.

The Günther family also runs a party and catering service, which is open all year round. Here, too, the two ARI 345 cargo mopeds can be used to transport food and party accessories. So that the region can continue to be supplied with good food and a good atmosphere.

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