Do ARI Motors electric vehicles have recuperation?

August 13, 2021

Do ARI Motors electric vehicles have recuperation?

Yes, the ARI Motors electric vehicles have energy recovery while driving. However, a fundamental distinction must be made between the general recuperation of every electric motor and the recuperation brake in some electric vehicles. Because recuperation is often understood to mean the recuperation brake.

Additional electronic as well as mechanical components are necessary for the recuperation brake. Vehicles with recuperation brakes can basically only be driven with the accelerator pedal after a certain period of "getting used to". To brake, you take your foot off the accelerator early and can only accelerate and brake the vehicle with one pedal. The energy gain through recuperation is higher in urban areas than on overland trips and, depending on the vehicle model and experience with this technology, is a realistic 4-8 kilometers additional range per 100 kilometers.

With the ARI 458, ARI Motors has deliberately omitted these mechanical and electronic necessities for a recuperation brake in view of the cost-benefit calculation. In this way, the vehicle can be offered more cheaply without having any disadvantages in terms of range. This is why the ARI 458 only uses recuperation when the vehicle is rolling, if the movement in the motor generates energy that then flows back into the battery. However, here too the energy gain is so small that you shouldn't rely on this additional range when planning your trip.

In general, with electric vehicles as with combustion engines, the motto is that noticeably longer ranges are only possible through anticipatory and economical driving.