ARI 458 Box in service of building management company “Werner Companies”

February 10, 2022

ARI 458 Box in service of building management company “Werner Companies”

Electric vehicles from ARI Motors are very popular with building cleaning and maintenance companies. The company “WERNER COMPANIES”, which has been in the field of building cleaning and building management for 30 years, also bought an ARI 458 Box. The vehicle travels around 40 kilometres (25 miles) a day in Burghausen, Upper Bavaria, to ensure that the public toilets in the idyllic little town are cleaned.

According to project manager Johannes Frankenreiter, the “WERNER” company decided in favor of the ARI 458 because of the convincing price/performance ratio and the robust box body. The latter is 1.31 meters long, 1.16 meters wide and 95 centimeters high and is ideal for transporting cleaning materials. Employees, customers and suppliers also all reacted positively to the electric vehicle.

The ARI 458 Box is already the second purely electric vehicle from the company and thus represents the further development in e-mobility. This will certainly not be the last, because "WERNER" is currently examining whether other locations will be equipped with electric vehicles based on the good experience.

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