ARI 458 Pickup With Tarpaulin Structure At ”Andys Getränkequelle” In Munich


Our customer “Andys Getränkequell” from 82152 Krailing is using his ARI 458 Pickup with tarpaulin structure not only to transport beverages in and around Munich, but also to bring ale-benches and beer tables to customers, festivals and birthday parties. Now he use the smart and flexible ARI electric transport vehicle that is equipped with a split tailgate to also transport longer tables and benches.

The tarpaulin structure that is in use has a length of 170 cm, a height of 120 cm and a width of 130 cm. Consequently, the cargo space has a capacity of 2,6 m³. Additionally, a wind deflector was installed over the driver’s cab that does not only supports the dynamic appearance but also decreases the air drag.

With this version of the ARI electric transport vehicle a cargo load of 450 kg can be transported to the customer. With its standard SLA-battery the range amounts to 120 km (75 mi.), while its top speed is 80 km/h. And like all our vehicles, this ARI 458 electric transport vehicle is fully charged within 5 to 6 hours on a customary domestic socket without the need of a seperate wallbox.



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