ARI 458 Pickup with lattice box at the Atlantic Ocean in Portugal

March 2, 2022

ARI 458 Pickup with lattice box at the Atlantic Ocean in Portugal

Having already introduced Vinzenz Fliri, our Italian customer, this time we want to travel even further to the southwestern tip of Europe. In Portugal, an ARI 458 Pickup L with a 3-piece lattice box has found a new home. Owner Ulrich Gruetter opted for the vehicle because he was impressed by the "ideal mix of price, loading space, load weight, performance, range and top speed" and even after a long search, no comparable offer could be found. In addition, the vehicle looks smart and would evoke positive reactions from visitors.

The ARI 458 Pickup L is used for transporting firewood, building materials, garden materials such as humus and compost as well as for fruit and olive harvesting. The vehicle also covers the daily short trips for shopping, covering around 50 to 100 kilometres per week. It does not completely replace a combustion vehicle, but takes over the short-distance tasks of a Skoda Roomster and should thus extend the life of the vehicle. Furthermore, with its open loading area, it is simply better suited for transporting most materials.

Thanks to Mr. Gruetter, the first ARI 458 has now made it to the Atlantic. More will surely follow. But even if you don't live in the most south-western corner of Europe, you should be interested in our electric vehicles. For this reason:

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