ARI 345 Pickup with lattice box in use in public park in Fürstenau (Germany)

February 22, 2022

ARI 345 Pickup with lattice box in use in public park in Fürstenau (Germany)

In addition to the ARI 458 light electric van, the ARI 345 cargo trike with pickup body is also enjoying increasing popularity in the landscaping sector. A number of gardening and landscaping companies as well as municipalities are now customers of ARI Motors. The municipality of Fürstenau in Lower Saxony now uses an ARI 345 Pickup with a lattice box in order to take care of the landscape in the public parks without noise and CO2 emissions.

ARI 345 Pickup in FürstenauARI 345 Pickup in Fürstenau

According to fleet manager Stefan Brüwer, the municipality became aware of the ARI Motors electric vehicles through a brochure. In the end, the decision was made in favour of an ARI 345 Pickup with lattice box, which takes over the landscape maintenance, cleaning and regular inspection trips in the 5-hectare public park. Thanks to the low curb weight of around 330 kg and the narrow rear track width of 1.00 metres, the vehicle can easily drive over all paths and meadows without bumping into or destroying the lawn. At the same time, up to 325 kg of equipment or materials can be loaded onto the platform, and thanks to the optional lattice box, there is also space for bulky green waste.

The ARI 345 Pickup does not completely replace a combustion engine vehicle, but it does take over some of the tasks of a VW “Bulli” with a diesel engine. The advantages of the lighter and quieter ARI are clearly evident in the parks, and the ARI drives around 20-40 kilometres (12-25 mi.) a week through the green spaces of the community. Therefore, in the next few months, it should be looked at whether further electric cargo mopeds of this type should be purchased. So that strollers and visitors can continue to enjoy the beautiful Fürstenau public park without engine noise and exhaust fumes.

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