ARI 458 Pickup L with lattice box at funeral home in Parchim (Germany)

February 10, 2022

ARI 458 Pickup L with lattice box at funeral home in Parchim (Germany)

In Parchim in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, one of the ARI 458 electric light vans has a special task. Here, an ARI 458 Pickup L is in the service of the company “Wockertal Gartenbau GmbH & Haus der Bestattung am Friedhof Parchim”. The vehicle is used especially for grave maintenance, but also for disposal or occasional shopping.

ARI 458 Pickup L at funeral home in ParchimARI 458 Pickup L at funeral home in Parchim

The ARI 458 demonstrates some of its advantages on the site of the company. On the one hand, the electric transporter with its overall width of 1.30 meters is very well suited for the often narrow paths on the site, on the other hand, the electric drive does not disturb the respectful peace of the cemetery, but does its work quietly - and of course without exhaust gases.

As the ARI 458 Pickup L, the vehicle has a loading area that is 1.50 meters long and 1.24 meters wide and is also equipped with a lattice box. This makes it easier to use the vehicle when transporting bulky flora or other materials. Managing Director Matthias Müller says that the reactions of employees and visitors have been consistently positive, the ARI 458 Pickup L looks modern and progressive thanks to its electric drive.

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