LiFePO4 or SLA lead acid battery: Which battery is suitable for my ARI Motors electric vehicle?

February 21, 2022

LiFePO4 or SLA lead acid battery: Which battery is suitable for my ARI Motors electric vehicle?

Which battery is best suited for your ARI electric vehicle depends largely on your transport and mobility needs. Both the standard built-in lead-gel battery and the LiFePO4 battery are powerful, maintenance-free and robust.

However, they differ in terms of:

  • maximum range
  • weight and possible load capacity
  • purchase price
  • durability.

Lead gel battery: The economical solution for regional mobility and low transport volumes

The standard built-in lead-gel battery is particularly cheap. If you are primarily travelling regionally and have a rather low volume of cargo, it is completely sufficient.


  • 200 kg weight
  • capacity of 120Ah
  • approx. 120 km range (62 mi.)
  • 900 – 1000 charging cycles
  • 2 year warranty

Perfect for:

Regional delivery services (drinks, mail, laundry, etc.), craftsmen (journeys to the place of work, transport of work equipment, etc.), service providers (e.g. nursing service, caretaker service), everyday mobility in the city or in the surrounding area, commuting in the local area

LiFePO4 battery: The power solution for frequent drivers with high transport volumes and long distances

A LiFePO4 battery is the right choice for anyone who values ​​a high payload and a long range.


  • 90 kg weight (higher cargo load possible)
  • depending on the battery variant 160 Ah, 205 Ah, 277 Ah
  • corresponding to 150 km, 200 km, 250 km range (93, 124, 155 mi.)
  • more than 5000 charging cycles
  • 4 year / 60,000km warranty

Costs: from 2600 EUR

Pefect for:

Regular driving over long distances, high transport volume, high demands on driving performance and durability


The right battery is the one that best suits your needs and driving habits.

  • If you want or have to go far, have a lot to transport and want to save costs in the long term, we recommend the LiFePO4 battery.
  • If you mainly travel regionally and are completely satisfied with a moderate load, then the lead-gel battery is the most economical option for you.

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