ARI 145 Children's moped (3-wheeled)

ARI 145 Children's moped (3-wheeled)

: 145001

The particularly robust and agile cargo moped is designed for inner-city use as a delivery vehicle for pizza services, suppliers, and service providers on the so-called last mile. It reaches a top speed of 45 km/h and can therefore also be driven by teenagers with an AM license as a moped. The two luggage racks can be equipped with various attachments such as solid and closed cases, bags, baskets, or custom-fit boxes.


Upper steering cover for ARI 145

Upper steering cover

Set vehicle lock for ARI 145

Vehicle lock

USB voltage regulator for ARI 145

USB voltage regulator

Fixed mounting of the handle for ARI 145

Secure mounting of the handle

Outer ring upper bearing for ARI 145

Outer ring upper bearing