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ARI 345 Food Truck - The mobile gastro business with Piazza effect

The ARI 345 Food Truck has everything you need to get your gastro business rolling. An airy driver's cab, a large sales counter, electric drive and - lots of free space. What you make of it is your business. Whether you go through the drive-in cinemas as a popcorn pilgrim, seduce the Sylt beach company as a soft ice cream specialist or prefer to score points with dried currants at the sugar-free fair - your food truck on three wheels is there for you. A typical ARI!

Cargo Moped ARI 345 Food Truck


45 km/h


1,6 kW

Load capacity

105 kg


55 km

CO2 emission


Extra urban

3,6 kWh


3,2 kWh


2,8 kWh


Low acquisition costs

The ARI Motors electric vehicles impress with their low prices. The ARI 345 cargo moped with a Food Truck body is available from 14,750 EUR plus VAT. Getting started with electromobility can be so inexpensive!

Low maintenance costs

Even after purchase, the cargo mopeds are very cheap to maintain. The vehicles are tax-exempt until 2030. The operating costs per 100 kilometers for the cargo trike ARI 345 are just around 1.20 EUR at an electricity price of 20 cents per kWh. In addition, affordable insurance rates are possible through our partners.

Subsidies in many countries

The ARI Motors electric vehicles are subsidized by many countries of the world or in their federal states and municipalities. In this way, the low purchase prices can be subsidized again with several thousand euros. Please check the subsidies for electric mobility in your region or contact us for more information.

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45 km/h

Manoeuvrable cargo moped as food truck

With the ARI 345 Food Truck, ARI Motors offers a cargo moped with a top speed of 45 km/h (28 mph) in two sizes. This means that the vehicle can already be driven with an AM moped license. Thanks to the cabin roof and 3-point belt, the cargo trike can also be driven without a helmet.

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100 km

Second battery pack available!

With the built-in battery, up to 55 kilometers (34 mi.) can be achieved as standard; an additional battery pack is available as an option, which allows the ARI 345 Box to travel up to 100 kilometers (62 mi.). A solar panel is optionally available for the roof of the vehicle body, which can produce up to 30 km (19 mi.) more range with ideal solar radiation.

Batterie Icon

Battery included

The battery is always included

The batteries installed in ARI Motors vehicles are of course always included in the vehicle price and are not charged separately or on a monthly basis. In addition to the standard batteries, we optionally offer high-performance batteries for even more range.

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Platz für Ideen

Lots of space for individual ideas

The ARI 345 Food Truck can take a cargo load of 325 kg. The basic version has the loading dimensions: 132 cm length, 130 cm width and 125 cm height (internal dimensions). A larger version is also available as the ARI 345 Food Truck L with a body length of 149 cm. This results in a maximum load space of 2.4 m².

And the equipment? ...Quite extensive!

Extended standard equipment

In the basic equipment of the ARI 345, in addition to the standard built-in battery, MP3 player with Bluetooth function, a reversing camera and a USB charging connection are included as standard.

Useful additional equipment

Optionally, the ARI 345 is also available with practical accessories such as a solar panel for more range, bumpers on both side as well as front and back, a cooling system in the box body or a roof rack.

Free test drive

Inquire now without obligation

Whether at home or in your company, we will bring an ARI Motors electric vehicle of your choice over so that you can get an idea of ​​it for yourself and test the vehicle extensively.


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