ARI Motors Cargo Mopeds

Cargo moped ARI 145 From 2.995 EUR (plus VAT)

Cargo moped ARI 345 Pickup

From 5.995 EUR (plus VAT)

Cargo moped ARI 345 Box From 6.395 EUR (plus VAT)

Electric cargo mopeds with versatile applications

The flexible and low-priced cargo mopeds ARI 145 and ARI 345 were designed for the inner-city use on the “last mile” as delivery vehicle for service companies as well as for craftsman. Both models can be driven with the driver’s license for mopeds and have low operating costs of only about 0,50 EUR and 2 EUR per 100 kilometer (62 mi.) respectively.

As required with 185 Kg or 325 Kg load capacity

The smaller cargo moped ARI 145 has two cargo racks and a total load capacity of 185 kg. The racks can be optionally equipped with various cases and baskets. The larger ARI 345 is available with a pickup and a box body. Both versions have a load capacity of 325 kg and a maximum load space length of 155 cm.

The driving experience of a moped meets the functionality of a transport vehicle

Our cargo mopeds combine the airy driving experience of a moped with the safety and functionality of a transport vehicle.The smaller ARI 145 has a two-wheeled rear axle to provide safe road holding and can be ordered including a helmet with your company logo. The ARI 345 can be driven without a helmet due to the cab roof and a three-point safety belt.

The smart and low-priced ARI Motors cargo mopeds

Customizable ranges due to battery packs

The batteries of the cargo mopeds are included in the purchase price. Additionally, an extra battery can be ordered to double the range. All models can be charged via a customary 220V power outlet. The battery of the ARI 145 can also be removed and separately charged at home or the office. The charging time varies between 2 and 6 hours according to the model and the charge status.

Little energy and operating costs

Both cargo mopeds have a very low energy consumption. The consumption of the ARI 145 is about 1,4 kWh per 100 km (62 mi.), resulting in energy costs of approximately 0,50 EUR on 100 km. The larger ARI 345 has a consumption of approximately 5,6 kWh per 100 km, thereby having energy costs of about 1,80 EUR every 100 km.

Extensive Additional Features

For the ARI 145 optional features include customizable boxes, cases and baskets for the cargo racks. The ARI 345 can be ordered with useful equipment like a solar panel for more range, foliation of the vehicle bodies and a cooling system for the box body.

Technical Data of the Cargo Mopeds ARI 145 and ARI 345

Top speed45 km/h
CO2 Emissions0g/100km
Techical Data ARI 145
55 km (34 mi.), 110 km (68 mi.) with extra battery
Load capacity
185 Kg
1,6 kW
Consumption (urban)1,2 kWh
Consumption (extra-urban)1,6 kWh
Consumption (combined)1,4 kWh
Technical Data ARI 345
55 km (34 mi.), 100 km (62 mi.) with extra battery
Load capacity
345 Kg
3 kW
Consumption (urban)5,2 – 5,3 kWh
Consumption (extra-urban)6,0 – 6,3 kWh
Consumption (combined)5,6 – 5,8 kWh
Dimensions loading bed PickupWidth 107 cm x Length 123 cm
Dimensions loading bed Pickup L
Width 107 cm x Length 130 cm
Dimensions loading bed Pickup XL
Width 107 cm x Length 155 cm
Dimensions loading space Box107 cm width x 123 cm length x 106 cm height
Dimensions loading space Box L
107 cm width x 130 cm length x 106 cm height
Dimensions loading space Box XL
107 cm width x 155 cm length x 106 cm height

Configure Now Your Dream Vehicle

Choose now between the different versions and options to get you customized ARI cargo moped. In four steps you can configure your vehicle.

Our cargo moped in action

Frequently Asked Question

Yes. All ARI Motors vehicles come with the battery, so that no extra rent or lease is necessary. Apart from the purchase price there are no further costs.

Depending on the charge status of the battery, the charging of the ARI 145 battery takes between 3 and 5 hours. The ARI 345 needs between 5 and 6 hours to be fully charged. Both models can be charged via a customary 220V power outlet.

The vehicles come with a  guarantee of 6 months and a subsequent warranty of  further 18 months.

In principle, ARI Motors electric vehicles can be repaired in any car workshop, as circuit diagrams and repair instructions are made available to them when required. Many spare parts can also be ordered from spare parts shops or the ARI Motors online shop and can be delivered in around 48 hours to Germany and Austria. The delivery time can vary in other countries.

Depending on the way of driving, the ARI 145 can reach approximately 70 km (44 mi.), the ARI 345 about 55 km (34 mi.). Both models can be ordered with an extra battery, thereby roughly doubling the range. We are examining the ranges on a regular basis with electrical as well as cargo loads in warm and cold temperatures. As with combustion engines, anticipatory driving helps to minimize the power consumption and thereby increases the range.

Both vehicles can be directly charged via a customary 220V outlet without the need of a separate wall box or charging station. Moreover, the outlet does not have to be fused. Additionally, the battery of the ARI 145 can be removed and charged separately at home or in the office via a customary power outlet.


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