From 2025: Electric vehicles will soon be cheaper than cars with combustion engines


With its low prices, ARI Motors is an exception in electromobility, because currently electric vehicles are usually significantly more expensive than comparable combustion models. According to a study by Bloomberg New Energy Finance on behalf of Transport & Environment, this will change in the next few years. In the years 2025 to 2027, the prices of e-vehicles are expected to catch up with those of combustion engines. After that, other electric vehicles will also be cheaper on average than petrol and diesel models.

It is interesting that different segments will reach the limit at different times. According to the study, the first thing to do in 2025 is the small electric vans to catch up with the combustion vehicles. ARI Motors is several years ahead of its time, because the ARI 458 electric transporter and the ARI 901 electric transporter are already cheaper than comparable diesel models. Other segments such as small cars and SUVs will only follow in the two years after 2025.

From 2027, electric vehicles will be cheaper in all segments. According to the study, the main reasons for the falling prices are the expansion of production lines and the falling prices for vehicle batteries. The study assumes that the prices for electricity storage will fall by more than half between 2020 and 2030.

If you don't want to wait for cheap e-mobility until 2025, you can already experience affordable electric commercial vehicles at ARI Motors. From the cargo mopeds ARI 145 and ARI 345 Box and Pickup to the electric transporters ARI 458 and ARI 901: ARI Motors already offers electric vehicles that are cheaper than comparable combustion vehicles on the market.

Configure your ARI 458 electric transport now and get an individual and non-bonding offer!



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