How durable is my ARI Motors electric vehicle?

Many of our customers are uncertain about the longevity of the vehicle and the expected inspection costs. Electric vehicles have many advantages over combustion vehicles because many problematic components of conventional drives are not present. As a result, the inspection costs are significantly lower and there are fewer failures due to worn or defective components.

On the one hand, the electric motor is much simpler in construction than a combustion engine. Susceptible elements such as the V-belt, the toothed belt or the spark plugs, which have to be changed often and can also lead to serious engine damage, simply do not exist. There is also no need to change the oil. This simplifies the inspection and reduces the costs for it as well as the general susceptibility to errors.

Furthermore, the entire drive train including the gearbox is no longer necessary, since the power transmission in electric vehicles takes place directly from the engine to the wheels. This means that there are no wearing parts installed, such as the clutch, which is particularly stressed in city traffic and often has to be changed. There is also no need to change the gear oil.

The lack of emissions is one of the most important benefits of an electric vehicle. In addition to being environmentally friendly, this also has the advantage that there is no exhaust system that is susceptible to damage from rust or contact with the ground. And catalytic converters, too, often lead to problems in combustion vehicles and are very costly to repair. Electric vehicles do not have these parts, which means that there are no critical factors here.

All of these points mean that the inspection costs for electric vehicles are only about half of those of a combustion engine inspection. At ARI Motors, the recommended annual inspection takes around 2.5 hours, which results in inspection costs of around 250 euros net at an hourly rate of 100 euros. The inspection can also be carried out by any well-stocked motor vehicle workshop, as the basic vehicle does not differ from combustion vehicles and ARI Motors GmbH may provide circuit diagrams and repair instructions.

Of course, the wear and tear of every vehicle also depends on the driving style. Anticipatory driving not only reduces the vehicle’s energy consumption, but also protects the brakes, the chassis and the tires. With the battery, it is recommended to only use a DC quick charge function when required, as slow charging with alternating current is more gentle on the battery.

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