What is the Professional Package for my ARI Motors electric vehicle?

The “Professional Package” available for all ARI 458 vehicles is an integral part of quality assurance at ARI Motors GmbH. It includes all optimizations that are made to the original vehicle in order to raise it to German and European standards. This is how we ensure that the customer receives a professional and reliable vehicle that he can enjoy as long as possible. The modifications include, among other things, mechanical and electronic components that are completely exchanged or replaced by higher quality ones. This increases the quality and thus the longevity of the vehicle significantly.

Experiences with our vehicles over the past few years shows that just a few small modifications can bring about major changes in usability, longevity and reliability. We therefore dynamically adapt the specific content of the optimizations on a permanent basis and thus ensure that  the customer, always receive the best possible vehicle in the best possible quality.

If you have any further technical questions, please contact our staff directly at info@ari-motors.com!