Where can I bring my ARI Motors vehicle for repairs?

If your ARI Motors electric vehicle gets damaged or a technical problem occurs, you can use our network of service partners. In Germany, in addition to the official ARI Motors dealers, this consists of around 600 service stations, which are equipped with circuit diagrams, manuals and repair instructions. In the event of a repair, however, first contact your ARI Motors dealer or us directly before you take the vehicle to a service partner. In this way, they can be informed directly by ARI Motors about the specific request and vehicle.

If you bought your vehicle from one of our official dealers, contact them in the event of damage or repairs. To find a dealer in your area, use our dealer locator.

There, you can find a dealer or service partner in your area. And our service hotline can also provide you with information about local service partners from Monday to Friday between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. (GMT+1): +49 341 / 978 56 933.

When purchasing an ARI Motors electric vehicle, you can also stay with your favorite service station. We can provide them with the necessary repair instructions and the appropriate circuit diagrams. So it is possible to stay with the previous service station you trust even with a new ARI Motors vehicle.

Of course, we wish you that there is absolutely no need to repair your ARI Motors vehicle, but this way you are well prepared in case of an emergency.