ARI 458 Pickup with lattice box at a garden design company in Berlin

Thanks to their zero emissions and their mobility, the electric vehicles from ARI Motors GmbH fit perfectly into the gardening and landscaping industry. The company “CHT Gartengestaltung” from Berlin-Lichterfelde has a similar view and has therefore ordered an ARI 458 pickup with a practical lattice box. The electric transporter now actively supports the company in the design of green spaces, from front yards to large-scale parks. The main task for the ARI here is the transport of machines, devices and biomass on its loading area of ​​1.31 meters in length and 1.16 meters in width. The additional lattice box also enables the transport of difficult-to-control loads such as leaves and twigs, which can quickly blow away on a free loading area.

Owner Christopher Hielscher-Tölzer opted for the ARI 458 Pickup because of its unbeatable price-performance ratio. The electric transporter, which is available from 11.700 Euro, is now replacing larger diesel vehicles, which cause high consumption and thus high operating costs, especially on short distances. According to Hielscher-Tölzer, the ARI has significantly increased the company’s efficiency. In addition, the vehicle is charged exclusively with solar power, which perfectly rounds off the vehicle’s environmental friendliness.

According to Hielscher-Tölzer, the reactions of customers and passers-by to the vehicle are mostly very interested. At first, not everyone thinks the ARI 458 Pickup is an electric vehicle, but they are all the more positive about the car when they hear about it. The vehicle is particularly popular with children who have given it the nickname “shrinked jeep”, for example. The electric transport vehicle has no specific nickname within the company. According to Christopher Hielscher-Tölzer, the name “ARI” is short and crisp enough.

The company “CHT Gartengestaltung” has been active in the field of garden design in Berlin since the 1990s and initially started with a used VW T3 bus. Over the years, more vehicles have been added, others have been replaced, and now the ARI 458 Pickup is on board and, thanks to its electric drive, can support the company’s “green” philosophy, not just with its green paintwork.

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