ARI 458 Pickup XL At The Packaging Service “ABV” in 28816 Bremen-Brinkum

The packaging service “Allgemeine Bremer Verpackungen” is a company that – just like the ARI Motors GmbH – is focused on individual transport solutions for its customers. For many years now “ABV” is producing industrial export packaging for every requirement. The packaging of “ABV” protects products and goods with its perfectly adjusted transport solutions on their way through the world, be it via airway, seaway or by land. The packaging itself takes place either at the company area, at the customer’s place of business or at particular places like a construction site.

The company’s manager Ralf Susemiehl chose the ARI 458 Pickup XL as an addition to its delivery fleet. The vehicle is now driving about 50 kilometer every day by undertaking deliveries in the Bremen area that do not need the involvement of one of the seven large Mercedes-Benz Sprinter in the fleet. Instead of raising high diesel costs on these short hauls, the ARI 458 with its low electricity consumption of approximately 8 kWh every 100 kilometer is the ideal transport solution for these journeys. And the best thing is that the company has its own photovoltaic power plant, thereby always providing the ARI 458 with eco-friendly and zero-priced solar-powered electricity.

The ARI 458 Pickup XL has the largest load bed available with a length of 163 cm and a width of 125 cm that is framed by 30 cm high board wall. Additionally, “ABV” ordered four lashing eyes on the load bed to secure the cargo and to also be able to fix bulky goods. Furthermore, the vehicle was equipped with a ladder rack as well as bumpers on front and back, options that are available for all ARI 458 electric transport vehicles. One equipment feature that the ARI Motors GmbH does not offer, however, is the loudspeaker system singing “la Cucaracha” that Mr. Susemiehl built in himself.

ABV packages customerAfter a few days in the company, the ARI 458 Pickup XL is mostly called the “little one” by the staff, a logical nickname among all the large vans and trucks on the company grounds. According to Susemiehl, the most common reaction to the vehicle is one word: “cuddly”. We think this is a very suitable description.

The manager sees the role of the ARI 458 in the company also as a test object in terms of electromobility. The company wants to find out if an electric transport vehicle can fulfill the daily requirements of a delivery service like “ABV” in the long term. Ralf Susemiehl is very fond of the ARI 458 and also says: “The ARI was the first… but others will follow.”

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