ARI 458 Box With Cooling System At The Charity Organization “Tafel” in 48317 Drensteinfurt

Sustainability has a lot of faces. Alongside the electromobility that the ARI Motors GmbH stands for, another important aspect ist food and its distribution. In Germany alone, every day tons of impeccable groceries are destroyed while many financially disadvantaged people suffer a lack thereof. The nationwide “Tafel” association collects surplus groceries and distributes it amongst people in need without any bureaucracy.

ARI 458 Cooling Box The “Tafel Drensteinfurt e.V.” in the German town of the same name was initiated by Rudi Naerger in 2017 and is supporting socially and economically disadvantaged people in the area since then. When in 2019 a vehicle for the transportation of the goods was needed, the “Tafel” chose a ARI 458 Box L with a cooling system. According to Mr. Naerger, the low price as well as the quick availability was decisive. With a total price of about 23.000 Euro and a delivery period of only a few weeks, the ARI 458 with its cooling unit has a big advantage over its competitors.

The ARI electric transport vehicle used in Drensteinfurt has a box body size L with a loading space of 155 cm length, 125 cm width and 110 cm height. Consequently, a total capacity of 2,1 m³ is available fpr groceries and other goods. To keep the food products fresh, the car is equipped with a cooling unit in the box that is individually adjustable according to the requirements.

According to Rudi Naerger, the vehicle is putting a smile on a lot of faces that see it and also causes a lot of interest among passersby. And the regional newspaper “Westfälische Nachrichten” even wrote an article about the honorary aides and their small refrigerated transporter. To suppoert the charitable initiative, interested parties can do once-off donations on its homepage as well as become a permanent sponsor.

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