ARI 458 Tipper With Leaf Grid At The Municipal Works in 17109 Demmin

Alongside many companies and Self-Employed Persons more and more municipalities and communal institutions discover the merits of the flexible and functional ARI 458 electric transport vehicle. Thus, the municipal works of Demmin in Germany purchased a ARI 458 Tipper with leaf grid for their fleet. The municipality is dedicated to reduce the carbon emission and put a biogas plant into service. A perfect environment for our ecoconscious ARI 458 which perfectly suits the future-oriented municipal works.

The ARI 458 Tipper is especially suitable for landscape gardening as well as municipal technology, two of the main services of the municipal works in Demmin. The manually adjustable hydraulic load platform has dimensions of up tp 155 cm length and 125 cm width can transport and unload easily all the equipment and materials needed for the maintenance of the green areas. The four-part leaf grid is furthermore very convenient for the disposal of leaves and other materials, not necessarily botanical of type. Additionally, the 4 lashing eyes make it possible to secure the cargo or bulky goods for the transport.

To make the vehicle appear “official”, the ARI 458 Tipper was equipped with an orange rotating beacon as well as red and white stripes that are common for German vehicles in this sector. Thus, everyone notices that the municipality is on its way to maintain the infrastructure or improve the appearance of the community. Because the ARI 458 electric transport vehicle is especially fit for the maintenance or the routinely check of important points of infrastructure in a particular area. With it, the vital checkpoints can be reached without bothering the population with engine noises or diesel exhaust. The result is a combination of environmental and residential friendliness that may reach your own municipal very soon. Just contact us via mail at