Several ARI 458 Box Electric Transport Vehicles As Rentals At “Collé Rental & Sales”

Eight vehicles of our ARI 458 models were ordered by “Collé”, the large rental and sale service for machinery and equipment. The company – which is in business for 120 years and sells as well as rents out machinery and equippment for construction, industry, groundwork, street cleaning, landscaping and events – chose the ARI 458 with box body to round up their fleet. The eight vehicles are hired out to companies that need a transport vehicle for a specific term.

“Collé” purchased two to three vehicles of our box sizes (S, L and XL) each. These are now, among others, in use in the car and aviation industry over a period of time, where they are i.e. driven inside the factory halls by mechanics in need of a small and still spacious transport vehicle. All eight cars are equipped with an optional side door in the box to simplify the loading and unloading of the cargo.

ARI 458 box at Colle“Collè” consists of 15 subsidiaries that hold up to 13.000 machines, devices and vehicles like our ARI 458 that can be bought or leased. According to requirements, the renting can happen on a daily, monthly or annual basis. For instance, our ARI 458 with box bodies are especially suited for suppliers, craftsman, mechanics, maintenance and service works as well as cleaning or landscaping companies. With a cargo volume of 1,5 m³ (Box size S) up to 2,9 m³ (Box size XL) and a cargo load of 450 kilogramm, our ARI 458 has a box size for every transport requirement.

The ARI 458 electric transport vehicles also perfectly suit the ecoconscious mindset of the company that sees electricity as the future. Accordingly, “Collè” follows the same concept of powerful, quiet and carbon-neutral machinery just like ARI Motors. We also want to connect the advantages of ecoconscious electromobility with the familiar performance of utility vehicles and found an important and successful partner in “Collè” that appreciates the merits of our ARI 458 electric transport vehicles.