What Is The Size Of The Load Space Of The ARI Electric Transport Vehicle?

Currently, we are offering 4 different sizes for the ARI electric transport vehicle, starting with the standard ARI 458 box body that has cargo space dimensions of 131 cm (length), 116 cm (width) and 95 cm (height). Therefor, a europallet fits even into the smallest of our electric transport vehicles.

With the ARI 458 Box L the length of the cargo space is 155 cm while the other dimensions of 116 (width) and 95 cm (height) stay the same.

The ARI 458 Box XL has a cargo space with the dimension 155 cm (length), 116 cm (width) and an increased height of 130 cm.

With the tarpaulin structure the ARI 458 electric transport vehicle can be ordered in 3 different lengths. Because of a lower weight the maximum dimensions of the cargo space here are 170 cm (length), 130 cm (width) and 120 cm (height).

Gladly we meet your wishes and design an individual cargo space together with you and totally according to your requirements. Just contact us!